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EXVEGA Nova 2024 Dokuma Kumaş Masajlı ARGB Profesyonel Oyuncu Koltuğu Siyah

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Orijinal fiyat: 18.000,00 TL.Şu andaki fiyat: 11.790,00 TL.

EXVEGA – 5 ‘li Halı Tekeri

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Orijinal fiyat: 999,00 TL.Şu andaki fiyat: 699,00 TL.

EXVEGA Lunar Active 2024 Dokuma Kumaş Hoparlörlü Ve Masajlı ARGB Profesyonel Oyuncu Koltuğu Siyah

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Orijinal fiyat: 16.999,00 TL.Şu andaki fiyat: 12.790,00 TL.

EXVEGA Business Pro 2024 Dokuma Kumaş Masajlı Profesyonel Yönetici Ve Çalışma Koltuğu Gri

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Orijinal fiyat: 14.990,00 TL.Şu andaki fiyat: 10.790,00 TL.

The best, How does it get better?

Hidden in the details

An EXVEGA professional gaming chair is produced with every detail in mind to ensure your comfort. With our non-standard designs, we both appeal to your eyes and make you experience the pleasure of playing games at the highest level.

Those Who Prefer EXVEGA


Exvega offers you a gaming chair, accessories and many more options. If you want to play your games more enjoyable, our special models provide you the best options. In addition to this, our productions such as a working chair and a gaming desk have models that provide you with the best service in their related area.

Always acting within the scope of gamer satisfaction, Exvega listens to you and develops all its products in a special way. We offer innovative options to the sector by using our knowledge and experience. Giving great importance to technology and change, Exvega develops modern solutions for you in its own R&D centre.

All of our products use first class materials and are produced in a personalized way. It can be used for many years with their durable production. If you examine all our models, you can see the most suitable options for you.

Exvega Gaming Chair

The gaming chair is among the seat models that need to be produced carefully and specifically. Because it should be able to respond to the needs of game broadcasters or those who play games for long hours.

Therefore, it should be in a structure that will make people comfortable to sit for long hours without getting up. Being aware of this, Exvega offers you the best options in its sector. If you do not want to leave the computer or take a break from the game, you can find the solutions you are looking for thanks to our models.

Exvega offers options tailored to the needs of each player. There is a massage feature and many other options, and you can choose as you wish. In addition, if you want, you can print a logo on the Exvega gaming chair or remove a brand.

Exvega Office Chair

Office chairs are used extensively every day as office chairs. Especially if you are in a job that requires you to work sitting, working in a comfortable seat will start to bother you after a while, thus negatively affecting the productivity you get from your job.

In addition, the lack of comfortable and special production of work chairs will cause back and waist pains and health problems in a short time. Exvega offers solutions not only to players, but also to people who want to get the best results in their professional life.

In this regard, all of our office chairs are specially produced for you. You can review all of our office chair options and order the right one for you instantly. If you have found a nice seat, but you want to order by removing the brand, you can try our solutions immediately.

Exvega Gaming Desk

Gaming desk are specially manufactured to meet all the needs of players and broadcasters. Each feature in it is presented for a purpose. Therefore, it offers you a functional structure.

Thanks to these structures, it also enables e-sportsmen to get the best solutions. Thanks to the privileges, it makes the game more efficient. Compared to office desks, it stands out with its versatile designs, stylish and comfortable structures and functionality.

Our customer-oriented company attaches great importance to your questions and opinions. You can contact us at any time and share your thoughts about our gaming chair and other products. As Exvega, we ensure you get the best results in all of our products.